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Keeping Wisdom Teeth Not So Wise


Young adults who keep their wisdom teeth often quickly develop gum disease, which appears to increase the risk of pregnancy complications and possibly other health problems, according to the first large studies to carefully evaluate the risks posed by wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, also known as "third molars," are the last teeth to emerge, usually pushing through the gums between ages 17 and 25.


Gum disease occurs when bacteria grow in the tissue supporting teeth, which can damage the tissue and cause spaces known as pockets, to form around the roots. As it worsens, the infection can loosen and damage the teeth, eventually requiring them to be pulled.

Wisdom teeth are particularly vulnerable because they are difficult to reach and keep clean. Once the bacteria get established in the mouth, the risk they will spread and damage other teeth increases significantly.


People assume that if you don’t have any symptoms, you’re OK. What we’re saying is that’s not necessarily the case. A growing body of evidence has also linked inflammation from chronic infections in the body, including gum disease, to an increased risk of a host of more serious problems, including heart disease, diabetes complications and pregnancy difficulties. Scientist’s suspect chronic inflammation released bacteria or toxic substances that can have myriad adverse effects elsewhere in the body.


Whether or not wisdom teeth need to be removed should be evaluated on an individual basis.  When they are buried they NEED to be removed. When they erupt into the mouth and there is sufficient

 room for them, then they remain.


Unfortunately, most of these impacted teeth are in an abnormal position (Dr. Waidzunas can show you this on a special Panoral X-Ray) generally resulting in  crowding, decay or infection.




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