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Porcelain Crowns


Crowns or “caps” are restorations that cover and protect the tooth structure.  Crowns are made to strengthen and improve the appearance of your teeth.  We use the highest quality laboratory to fabricate our crowns.  These crowns can be made from different materials which include full crowns made with Zirconium Porcelain.

The crown procedure can take one or two visits depending on the type of crown. Your 1st appointment the Dr. will prepare the tooth.  He will remove any old filling and decay that is in the tooth and prepare the tooth to maximize retention and esthetics. The Dr. will then take a final impression of the tooth for the lab to create the porcelain crown.   For a lab produced crown, we fabricate your temporary, which you will wear while the permanent is being made.  The temporary will be cemented so we can easily remove it at the cementation of the permanent crown.


At your 2nd appointment to bond the permanent crown, the temp will be removed. Novocaine is rarely necessary. Dr. Waidzunas will fit your new porcelain crown by checking the contacts between your teeth, to make sure it is tight enough. The Dr. will then check the bite and adjust accordingly so your bite is comfortable. Together we will make sure the shade and shape are correct and then we will bond the new crown.  We will use a bonding cement to make the crown bond with the tooth making it as strong as your original natural tooth.


Fixed Bridges


If you are missing a tooth, a permanent bridge can often be made to replace it. It should look and feel natural, without hooks or clasps, and stay in permanently, allowing totally normal function. When teeth are missing the remaining teeth begin to change position, and this can lead to numerous problems, including loss of more teeth. A fixed bridge will prevent teeth from shifting, and stabilize your bite. To have a bridge made, call the dental office so the doctor can evaluate the area and discuss specifics with you.





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Windsor Court I Office Centre

501 N. Riverside Drive  Suite 119

Gurnee, IL  60031